Sable Workwear Co supplies and stock basic safety wear items like:

  • Footwear - DOT and Bata safety boots, tekkies,shoes,gumboots with and without steel-toe cap. We also supply other famous brands like Bova, Fram, Hi-Tech and LeMaitre on order.
  • Saftey Wear - safety harnesses,  conti-suits (Various Colours), dust masks, earplugs, ear muffs, various gloves, reflective bibs, reflective jackets, hi-viz headwear, hard hats, buggy whips, barrier tape, barrier netting.


We also source and supply more specialized items like:

  • tool lanyards,
  • special safety shoes,
  • fire retardant conti-suits,
  • acid resistant conti-suits,
  • bullet proof vests,
  • strobe lights and much more
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